FingR – stay in the line – Review

FingR is an addictive puzzle and maze game that promises to get you excited from your finger right through to your entire body. It’s a maze, a puzzle and a bit of an adventure that is sure to get you exercising your finger so it’ll be the key to you becoming the FingR champion.

Your task is to navigate through a number of mazes, collect coins and spend them to unlock new pathways to adventure, all of which must be done using one finger. The new powers you receive are certainly on the crazy side: stuff like teleporting and exploding all sorts of things. But the game strategy and skill levels have a bit of a twist; a twist you’d not normally see in most games. As you soar through the different levels you will encounter unpredictable skill programs. In other words, you will not know how hard the next level will be as the next levels are not automatically generated.

fingr-1 fingr-2

FingR has a number of neat little feature that give the game its addictive qualities and rousing gameplay experience. As well as the unpredictable levels there are a number of thrilling pixelated graphics and a solid energetic soundtrack.

Unlike most games where you would use a car steering wheel device or a roller or tracker ball, this game is played using just one finger. Furthermore, there are a number of surprise elements to add to the game’s excitement levels.

In total there are 80 levels of engaging, charismatic, challenging and irresistible platforms to work your way through – all of which will need the skills of your one little finger. The earlier levels are easy and play with the beginner in mind and the upper levels are for the more advanced and skilful users.

Playing the game is easy and using just the one finger means you will not have to tamper around using whistles, bells and other complicated controls. After all, the enjoyment of gameplay should be centred on how easy the controls are to operate because if you are struggling with buttons, radars and all-singing control panels, the enjoyment factor is compromised.

Basically FingR is a tap and go game that is simple to play but don’t confuse the simplistic style of playing with the idea this game is easy – it is not! The action in the game is both fast and furious, so let your finger do the work out.

The app seems to need an update, the game screen is angling to the left of my iPhone 6 plus and not in the middle. The developer must be aware of this, until then you will have to play off angle.