ALIVE Video Editor: The Smoother Toucher-Upper

Just so we’re straight, I have the chorus of Pearl Jam’s ’91 hit resounding through my skull as I write this. Hopefully, as you read, now you do too. And why not? It’s a great song (if a little creepy) and I’m sure we could find a link somewhere in the lyrics to this classy little app I’m about to tell you all about. Or maybe not. But anyway, here’s a pertinent question; how often do you use the video on your iPhone or iPad? I’m willing to bet not much, unless you’re at a gig or there’s a chance of someone face-planting some concrete. The reason for this is probably the fact that the internal cameras in the said devices are lacklustre at best. Do you ever find yourself wanting to spice these videos up a bit? You do? Then what you need is ALIVE, the new free video editing app for iOS.

ALIVE runs its formidable power through The Cloud. This results in the complete elimination of rendering times, which means the changes you apply to your videos can happen instantaneously. This little slice of ingenuity separates ALIVE from its nearest competitors. And yes, it really is that fast and smooth. Changes appear immediately, and reversing ‘em if you don’t like the look of ’em is simple as clicking a button. When you’re dealing with video apps, speed and a smooth interface are crucial elements, and we’re pleased to report that ALIVE nails it on that front.

The edits you can apply to your videos are varied and creative. The most familiar of these are the range of filters that coat your video in luscious flares and highlights. They are also the most impressive. Nice and subtle, most of the time adding just the right touch. The other features are more creative. They allow you to add animations and music to your videos. The latter is one of the coolest facets ALIVE offers; it allows you to track the movement of an object in the video and apply an animation to that object, for example, the dust at the wheels of a skateboard. It also works with people and pets, so you can really enhance those cat videos all the way to the stratosphere! The music option is cool too, enabling you to add a prescribed piece to your soundtrack or totally replace the original sound with the new one.

You can also add text effects throughout or at the end of videos; you can customise your own or use a pre-designed font. ALIVE lets you personalise videos you already have on your phone or create new ones specifically for the purpose of doing something cool with them. Once your done, you can upload your masterpieces on a social network, much like Instagram. It’s a neat package that lets you put your personal stamp on your videos. With more updates and content on the way, ALIVE is well worth checking out to add a bit of life to your vids. Take it Eddie – ‘Heeeey I oh I’m still ALIIIIIVE….’

Starting getting cool and creative with your videos at the iPhone store today for free!

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at