Add a Little Animated Magic to your Pictures with Cam Animate App – Review

Cam Animate lets you send messages from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your friends with an extra added bit of magic thrown in. Your pictures can now have animations added and there are literally dozens of different types of animated characters to choose from. There are also banners, music and a variety of illustrations that you can superimpose over your picture to give it that extra special effect.

Cam Animation is easy to use and integrates nicely with standard MMS text message sending, email and all of your social networking sites. Therefore, sending a picture through your Facebook page or to tweet on your Twitter account will never again be the same.

So how does it all work? It is very simple and straightforward and easy enough for anyone to use. You need just take a picture or shoot a video on your iPhone then add the cute and impressive animations to suit the mood. You could also add banners which tell a short story; stuff like “Happy Birthday” “Congratulations on your Silver Wedding” and other such salutations. You could theoretically write any banner header you wish.

animate-2 animate-1

Once you have compiled your banner you can resize the letter and font size to suit, change the font colour and even the style. It is possible to rotate the wording so it can be positioned in the exact spot you require. There are dozens of fonts and seemingly endless amounts of colours and shades which you can select from.

But one of the best features of Cam Animation is the iTunes library music feature. When you send your video or picture, it is possible to go into your iTunes library and select a piece of music from there to attach to your message. Similarly you could record a snippet of your own voice and attach that to the message. Perhaps you could be sending a message of hope to someone who is unwell, or a blessing when they are about to go on a long journey or gap year adventure. Cam Animate will attach your message to the picture or video and give that correspondence that extra bit of personality.

Once your animation is just perfect and ready to roll, the app will perform a little magic and in a couple of seconds, you’ll have a 15 second video, all ready to share with your friends. After that has been done you need to save it to your image library and text it to your friends, or send it off to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or YouTube, directly from the app.