Look no further for the ultimate FREE slots game! With huge wins and fantastic games. OMG! Fortune Free Slots

OMG! Fortune Free Slots is a game where you could win huge rewards and play fantastic games. The app will offer several games, all of which are fun-based, slightly addictive and ultimately rewarding. The games you will play are essentially the traditional ones, only here the graphics support these games with endless flashing lights, spinning wheels and a casino-style presentation.

There’s the well-known Wheel of Fortune where you will spin to win and hope you can land on the big money; you will also find more sedate game like Bingo and scratch cards, which can be used to reveal big money wins. And then of course there are the famous, fun-filled slot machines – so popular in every casino, pub, and gambling establishment across the world.


Every day you play you will be given free spins, daily free coins and credits that will go towards more Fortune Free Slots gameplay. There are many wild features such as the random wild spin, expanding wild and exploding sticky wild – all of which are features you’ll come across in your everyday gameplay.

There is a super turbo special bonus on offer and an extra multiplier that gives away free spins galore. The designs, graphics and animations on Fortune Free Slots are all original and frequent and often intense; so be prepared for a loud, casino-style fun-filled slot machine experience.

Among its other features is a very easy-to-follow intuitive user interface that has an auto play and fast play feature to make the experience work in your favour. You could also select a fun “slide to spin” feature that will guarantee you hours of fun in a simulated gambling atmosphere. It’s not like 3 reel slots but it does come close.

New games seem to pop up all the time, so the excitement is pretty much ongoing. And for those on Facebook, you could join in the app’s fan page and find out how you can get exclusive gifts and surprises. The social media page should also let you engage with other players of OMG Fortune Free Slots, so you can expect to share tips, hints and any new games that may come up from time to time.

OMG Fortune Free Slots is a game that gives the user a casino-like experience with a splash of colours, a lovely Las Vegas-style backdrop and slots that have five or more reels to play on. There’s even a special hourly bonus on the Wheel of Fortune feature, so you’ll never be short of chances where you can win.