Blaze your path to selfie superstardom and have a blast doing it! With the Selfie X App: Review

Blaze a trial to selfie superstardom and have fun along the way with this cool new app for those who love taking photos of oneself – now commonly known as the “selfie.”

Selfie X is a social media and networking app driven by the inspiration and power of your selfie moments. Selfie X has a sleek and intuitive design that will help you easily contact friends with selfies and start an exchange of selfies between your photo roll and those of your pals.

However, if you are just so into selfies that you cannot stop taking them, why not share your selfie experience with other selfie addicts around the world? There are a host of selfie takers living in all four corners of the globe and you can put your selfie out there, and then rate and look at the selfie experience from another quarter of our planet.

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Selfie X really does help you connect with the international language of the selfie. You can stamp your passport and let the world know which country you are from and they will soon let you know how cool you are too (hopefully).

This is also a good way of building up a network of friends from all over the world. Once you get the ball rolling and begin showing an initiative, you will be a selfie addict ninja having an absolute hoot of a time.

Selfie X is the perfect tool for enjoying those free moments of time you might have, socializing with like-minded people who just love to show off and send those selfies, meeting up with new people from all corners of the world and building an engaging social network that will just get larger and larger as you get proactive with like-minded selfie photo takers.

Watch the Reaction of Your Friends

Can you imagine what it’s like when a friends looks at your selfie and the expression on their face when they see the selfie you? Well, now Selfie X has a really good feature that takes connecting to your friendship that one step further; the unique reaction option allows you to see and watch in real time the reaction of the recipient when they view your selfie.

And you should share the experience with your friends and contacts too, by making sure YOU show your friends your reaction when you view their photo or videos on Selfie X.