Hold the wisdom of the world’s religions in the palm of your hands with Advice From the Gods App: Review

Here’s a novel way of holding the wisdom of the world and the advice from the gods in the palm of your hand. Advice from the Gods is not just some horoscope or stargazing fortune cookie telling app, it actually scours excerpts and teachings from the Bible, The Quran and The Vedas and finds answers to your questions.

It is a novel way by which you can teach yourself the knowledge of the world’s three biggest religions, as found in the books written as testaments to that following. Basically, you ask the questions, the app then searches through its huge database of quotes and readings from all three books and give you a level of understanding and knowledge of religion you’d never thought you had.

And once you have been given your advice from the gods and the teachings of these great religions, the journey does not stop there! Your understanding of The Bible, The Quran and The Vedas will deepen simply by reading through all the text and holy teachings.


Once you have come across holy teachings and scriptures that take a deep interest with your way of thinking, you can easily bookmark those sentences, paragraphs or lines, making it easier to browse through later. Moreover, you can send these teachings, holy text and bookmarked religious paragraphs to your friends or family. After all, sharing your religious experiences is the best way to spread the word of enlightening words and advice you have found.

It takes no more than just a tap of your finger, and suddenly you can start to learn about how people on our planet think about God. Your mind will be filled with inspiration and active encouragement. As well as deepening your own knowledge of the religion you follow, you can broaden your expertise on the world’s other leading religious practices and scriptures.

Take this app with you, wherever you may go and the wisdom of the gods will be by your side, regardless of where you may go. The key features of the Advice from the Gods app are that is can easily source information and readings from all three holy books: The Bible, The Quran and The Vedas.

Comparing notes between the three religions is also quite an eye-opener and other key parts or phrases within a holy book can be highlighted or bookmarked for later reference. There is an in-app purchase option which allows you to remove ads, should you want.