Survivors: The Quest Brings Epic Scale RPG To iPad

RPGs (Role Playing Games to the uninitiated) are my favourite type of game. They afford a gaming experience like no other, often going on for weeks at a time. They usually have an emotional hook with an epic story, and ways to progress and power up the characters as you move along. This week, prolific developer G5 Games have entered the RPG fray with their mini epic Survivors: The Quest, a tale of three people downed on a mysterious remote island. It’s large, it’s ambitious, it’s free and it’s out now for iOS.

Taking more than a few cues from smash hit US TV series ‘Lost’, Survivors begins with a plane crash, which leaves only three survivors; two tough looking action men and one bespectacled redhead, who has more than a trace of sexy librarian about her. As they find each other in the wreckage of the plane, they decide to explore the eerie island, as signs point to things being a little stranger than they seem. Along your journey, you’ll play as all three characters, and a vital part of the game is balancing their relationships; they have to work as a team to solve puzzles, which is a cool little mechanic, adding tension in the absence of any perceivable big villain.

The graphics on show here are great, with the three characters rendered in 3D as they explore luscious, vibrant locations. The puzzles are challenging and the goal to escape the island while discovering its mystery is strong enough to keep you hooked. There are literally hundreds of quests to tackle, so if you’re looking for something to occupy for a good couple of months, Survivors is a great choice. The quests and puzzles themselves however are brief enough to be engaged with over a short period of time, say a bus ride or a lunch break, which is a vital little mechanic.

All in all, Survivors is a cool, detailed game that will appeal to those of you looking for app games with a little more substance, or simply to anyone who appreciates a good mystery. Even though I haven’t yet completed the game, I’m fairly certain it won’t veer off into metaphysical nonsense,  à la ‘Lost’. The puzzles are engaging, ranging from challenging to simple, and the game never makes the mistake of repeating itself too often. A rugged, rip-roaring adventure for all ages (mostly, as that librarian is pretty smoking).

Hack your way through the jungle to the App Store to get lost in Survivors: The Quest today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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