There’s No Place I’d Rather ShutterBee

If you’re anything like me, the well-intentioned photographs you take while travelling will serve two ultimate purposes; firstly, they will momentarily irritate anyone who happens to be scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter feed at the time who isn’t directly related to you. Secondly, they will clog up harddrive space on your computer. That seems to be the extent of it from my experience. If you’re the same, you might feel like that’s a little bit of a waste. How about doing something productive with your travel experiences? Well, Auslogics have come up with just the ticket. It’s a form of multimedia travelogue called ShutterBee; it’s also free and out now for iOS.

ShutterBee is a handy little travelling companion that records all the places you visit and saves them to your profile. You log in through Facebook, where it gains a limited access to your account, and go from there. The app is designed as a kind of online community, but unlike the free-for-all mundanity of 2014 Facebook, ShutterBee’s focus is solely travel. You can blog about your journeys through four types of post; a big photo, a check in, a regular photo or a too-cool-for-school panoramic shot.

For those that find Instagram monotonous these days, going the same way as Facebook with endless inspirational quotes and reposts of memes, with the National Geographic being the only shining light of photographic beatuy, ShutterBee kind of provides the perfect alternative; it’s filled with nothing but interesting, gorgeous shots of all corners of the globe. You can follow those travellers who interest you most and track their statistics while keeping record of your own. If you have ShutterBee enabled, it will automatically record where you are in the world and also checks you in there, allowing you to then fill in your method of transport and any places of interest to further aid other travellers who may be visiting.

There’s also the exciting possibilty of finding a genuine connection with somebody traversing the same area as you, or simply getting caught up in the lesser-tourist spots you’ve discovered through the app. The interface is simple and direct, though the versatility of the app speaks for itself. Though small at the moment, the idea behind ShutterBee is great, and we’re certain the app will continue to grow. Get on board now, buck the trend of the near-pointless Instagram and Facebook, and join a growing community of intrepid travellers of all ages from all four corners.

Sling on your backpack and get trekking to the App Store to get ShutterBee for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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