Island Defense is a peaceful time-killer that turns into an intense action thriller – Review

If you are looking for a holiday island in the sun, then don’t bother to come here! Island Defense is a high-definition game that involves warfare on a high scale including battleships, towers, missiles, machine guns and cannons. Laser battles and modern warfare are also heavily involved in this two into one gaming combination battle.

So, get ready to fight a battle like you have never fought before with this unique style of warfare. The game itself begins as a bit of a fruitless time-killing gaming experience before plunging into all-out battle. The intense action thrills and spills combine the very best of tower defence games and parking battles into one explosive energetic warzone.

island_1 island_2

Island Defense is an adrenalin-packed adventure, but it does not start off that way. You are on an island and there is no escape from your island, so if it comes under attack (and it will if you choose it) then defence is the only option. All you need to do is to park, build and defend. After all, there is no way you will be able to swim to your safety.

When you look out from your tall defence towers, you will notice a number of small dots on the horizon. Now these are not some flotilla of tourist ships floating gently past to hopefully pop in and buy some souvenirs, nor are they a small cruise of fishing boats looking to find fish for their hungry families. These are the enemy! Battleships loaded to the rafters with missiles, laser guided weaponry and more.

Not only are these battleships armed to the teeth but they have a bad attitude and when they arrive on the beaches of your island, they will not want to share these areas with anyone, and that very much includes you! When the attack is being built, your task is clear: you’ll have to get your cargo planes and ships ready in position in a hurry by parking them in the right positions. Failure to do this will result in your island becoming fish fodder.

Island Defense is simple tap and play game-playing experience. It is a battle that will stimulate your brain and fire up your adrenalin. The game is full of dazzling special effects (remember this is all played out in stunning 3D) and there is an adventurous soundtrack to go with all the action.