Sparker Lets you Play your favorite games and share them with your friends: Review

Sparker is the game of games, a compendium, just like we used to play when we were small children, now Sparker can offer you a multitude of games which you can share with friends and family. Sparker is free and ideal to play with all the family at the festive season, and there are literally thousands of challenges, you will end up not knowing which challenge you should take up next!

There are games like Name that Tune, maze puzzles, trivia questions like on pub quiz night, photo puzzles and word games. The good news about the games inside Sparker is that all of them are easy to play and quick to learn; so starting a simple game is perfect for that dinner party, Christmas family gathering or just a group of friends getting together for a gaming night.

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In fact, every Sparker game can be played in 60 seconds or less, and with so many to choose from you will never get tired or short of finding a new challenge somewhere within this multi-game app. You can also create your very own Sparker challenges – just by snapping a photo, choosing a game template and then sending it off to a friend. So playing with others doesn’t mean they have to be in the same room as you; that’s something we were never able to do with Compendium of Games board several years ago.

One of the most impressive features about Sparker is that YOU can actually compile the way some of the games go. Take the popular Name that Tune puzzle – you could use a snippet of a song that is right out of your very own iTunes library roll and then send it off to a friend and they will have to guess the tune from the snippet they have been offered.

You can do likewise with things like trivia questions, puzzle challenges and music excerpts – all complied and sorted by your very own creative mind. There really is tons of game in here, and there are more on the way with new updates and versions coming out all the time.

The ability to personalize the games makes you use your creative streak, but if you just want to play one or two simple games without all the creative work, you can. Sparker has more than enough traditional challenges like Dot-to-Dot, Spot the Difference and Way No Way, to name but a few.