A Messaging App That’s Quite Dashing

How many text messages on average do you send per day? How often do you check your Facebook news feed to see what your friends are sharing? If you’re like me, you probably text and check Facebook numerous times throughout the day. What if I told you there’s an app out there that could let you combine texting and sharing online content, would you download it? It will require you to break free from the native text messaging app on your iOS device. Before you give-up on me, you’re gonna have to trust me a little bit because there are some amazing features in this app that’ll help keep the conversation going.

Dasher Messenger is going to change the way you carry on a conversation given it’s ability to share rich content in your messages. The great thing about Dasher is how it uses “smart links” to help drive the conversation. Thanks to smart links, your conversations will look amazingly similar to your news feedDasher_Screenshot_1 on Facebook. With Dasher you’re able to share an article or video with a select group of friends and you don’t have to worry about offending certain people in your Facebook network. Just make sure you start the conversation with the right friend or group of friends.

When you copy and paste a link to an article or YouTube video, a preview is provided right in the message. This allows your friends to see a bit more information on what you’re sharing before clicking the content. Traditionally, a hyperlink in a message is just that, a link to another page in another application. Dasher breaks from tradition and, in most cases, clicking on smart links in a message while in Dasher allows you to stay in the app.

I’m a sucker for GIFs, but I never take the time to look for something good to share on Facebook. Now with Dasher they’ll do all the work for you. Simply type hashtag and then a word and Dasher will insert a GIF that best suits the word you provided. If you don’t like their selection, simply hit refresh and another GIF is displayed. Continue hitting refresh until the GIF matches the context of the conversation or the point you’re trying to make.

Sharing your location with friends is amazingly simple too. Once you’ve started a conversation all you have to do is tap “On My Way” and your location will be shared for the next hour. This is a great feature to have if you’re meeting up with friends at a specific location and you’d like to see how far away they are.

Dasher_Screenshot_2Out to dinner with friends and you forgot to split the check? No worries, Dasher has your back. You can safely and securely send money back and forth from your back account or debit card using your Venmo account. Awkward I.O.U.s are a thing of the past thanks to Dasher and Venmo.

Breaking away from the native messenger app on your iPhone is difficult because it’s familiar and everyone’s already using it. The great thing about Dasher is how it will enhance your conversations immensely. Boring hyperlinks are a thing of the past and you’re able to view content within the app. Getting your point across is so much easier with Dasher thanks to their awesome smart links.

Dasher Messenger is a free download in the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you’re ready to see how much better you’re conversations could be, you need to download Dasher today and discover the smarter way to chat.