Youji lets you rock your messages with custom emojis using your photos and images – Review

Whenever I send a message via social media, Skype or even just SMS text, I have always looked around for the best emoticon to use which displays my actual emotion. If this sounds pretty much like you too, then Youji is the one app that will have been developed for you and me in mind.

Youji lets you rock and roll your messages, fires some passion into them, gives them substance and gives off an impression you are really meaning what you are saying.

youji_1 youji_2

The emoticons in Youji are actually called “emojis” and you can use custom-made emojis to go with things like your photos and any images on your iPhone. So, let’s say you took a picture of your friend who looked a little tipsy at the works’ Christmas party; you could attach an emoji of a surprised face (or shocked emoji) to accompany the bewildering image.

Basically, Youji seems very fast, rather simple and seems to be jam-packed with possibilities to create special emojis to accompany text, images or any photos of your choice. So, in future don’t just send your messages, lighten them up and brighten someone else’s day by accompanying that message with an emoji.

Youji will help you to get more responses from your friends and family members, it will help you to create a buzz, show your personality and let you have a blast while you are doing it.

Youji will help you make a statement and rubber stamp that emotion into your images or messages, or both. Now is the time for custom messaging, after all, it’s high time we moved on from putting that silly smiley face, or winking semi-colon next to a dash and a half bracket. Those days are gone now! It is time for custom emojis to accompany your heartfelt message and make that all-important statement to your friends and contacts.

Sharing is really done is just a flash and it has a neat and flashy interface. You will also observe how easy it is to use and how intuitive the app is. Youji is fully optimized for all the latest iOS run devices out there.

Updates are constantly arriving to make sure it irons out any flaws or emojis that may not work. There are also a number of new emojis being added on a regular basis, and you can of course create your own emoji, one that nobody else will have!