Have A Crack At General Knowledge With The Genius Trivia Crack

Picture this Holy Grail of app development; you’re a small independent studio based in a part of the world not exactly renowned for pioneering technological advancements, let’s say Latin America. You release a few apps, first of all a stock market based number, then a couple of word game ones. They do well. Then they do very well. And then, in late 2013, your latest app, a trivia based mano y mano showdown, literally conquers the global virtual world. By late 2014, it’s the number one app in over ten countries, has totalled over 60 million players with an average of 500,000 downloads a day, and even has its own successful TV show in your native homeland. That’s the dream, right? Or is it? I know app developers think big, but how many could realistically expect their little time-passing game app to spawn a television show? Well, whether they projected it or not, this is exactly what happened to indie-developer Etermax and their wonderful creation, Trivia Crack.

Trivia Crack is a head to head battle of wits. Featuring an ever expanding vault of general knowledge divided into six classic trivia categories, History, Art, Sports, Entertainment, Science and Geography (Boo), the aim of the game is to collect the ‘crowns’ which represent the various categories. You do this by spinning a wheel, which falls on a random category, generating a question. After answering three questions correctly, you’re then allowed to select the Challenge question that’ll earn you the ‘crown’ of a particular category. You can keep answering questions until you get one wrong; play then switches to your opponent. You can take on friends via Facebook or opt for a random stranger and try to take them down. A player has two days to answer questions, and you can have as many games on the go as you desire. Probably until you feel like Bobby Fischer the chess mastermind, playing ten games simultaneously. That’s what I did anyway.

Like some bizarre Latin American lovechild (Chris Tarrant may have already fathered several of these in the late 90s) of Trivial Pursuit and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, Trivia Crack offers you lifelines on each question. You can purchase these using in-game currency, which you earn from being right. There’s fifty-fifty, time expansion, a second chance and skip. The time limit is just long enough to allow you to genuinely think, but just short enough to stop you running to Google every other question. And let’s be honest, in the name of sportsmanship, you wouldn’t do that, would you?

Trivia Crack is an absolute triumph of a game. Fiendishly addictive, the core of the game’s appeal lies in the fact that you’re playing against real people. If you’ve got even a hint of a competitive streak, this is sure to bring it out. The questions range from simple (‘which country is Stalin from?’) to tough (‘how many official languages does Switzerland have?’) to seemingly unknowable (‘how much time does the blood need to pass through all pulmonary alveolus?’ 27 seconds for those who want to know.), though of course, that all depends on your field(s) of expertise. If you’re a fan of trivia and want to get lost in a genuinely engaging, exciting game, check out Trivia Crack. It’s cracked it.

Get yourself down to the iTunes Store to spin the wheel on Trivia Crack for free today.

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