3 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Telecommuters

As stated by Global Workplace Analytics, telework grew nearly 80 percent from 2005 to 2012. And that was three years ago! Just imagine how much that percentage must have increased by now. While these numbers reflect and undeniable truth, the question remains: What are the key motivations for telecommuting?

For starters a flexible schedule, increased productivity and cost savings are a few of the things that come to mind. Well, at least those benefits led me to decide that I had to start working from my home. Of course, all of this is possible thanks to the latest tech developments. Equipment like VoIP allows teleworkers to have a more balanced life without giving up a brilliant career.

So, how can companies offer telecommuting opportunities? The secret here is an obvious one: Voice over Internet Protocol. You see, VoIP technology enables telecommuters to stay in touch with clients and office-based colleagues, from any location around the globe.

Instead of increasing costs, VoIP phone systems help businesses reduce communications costs. If you want to learn more about systems and phone systems in general, check out TelcoDepot.com. (With over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry, these guys can answer your doubts for free).

Now, VoIP is only half of the solution. You need a smartphone and some apps to do the whole trick. Based on my own experience, I selected the top 4 must-have iPhone apps for telecommuters:

1. Bria

Bria is a softphone client that allows you to manage your work communications directly from your iPhone. You do not have to be in front of your laptop the whole day anymore. Bria provides you enhanced mobility. By downloading Bria you can make and receive VoIP calls, check if your contacts are available, send instant messages and transfer calls. Additionally, you can use this app from your iPad too. For example, I integrated my iPhone with this Allworx phone system.

2. Toggl

Time-tracking is the ideal solution to help you have a more productive and efficient working day. Toggl keeps track of your time, so you can focus on what really matters: your job. You can even track work time in teams or as a single user. This convenient app allows you to track activities in real-time or log your activities. Plus, Toggl generates detailed reports you can export as PDF, CSV or XLS.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to share and sync documents, videos, emails and business notes with other computers and mobile devices from anywhere. If you are away from your computer, you can access your files from your smart device. Furthermore, you can share links to files in your Dropbox. Keep your work organized while on the go!

Telecommuting is certainly not for everyone. There pros and cons you need to research about. But if you decide to follow this trend, make sure you get these must-have apps to make the most out of your iPhone. Check out the apps above today and see what you can do tomorrow.

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