Warship Solitaire: A Cool Cruise In Nostalgia

Remember Battleship? The cool blue plastic game set with the red and white pins? Most often played with a sibling or similar age relative, I have yet to encounter a game capable of producing similar instances of rage. The look of glee in the eyes of your enemy as they realise they’ve found your five piece vessel and destruction of your most valuable weapon in your armada is imminent is not something you forget in a hurry. If you enjoyed the game but found it hard to deal with the smarting losses, you may want to check out Warship Solitaire, the new iOS app from Nexx Studio. Essentially a game of good ol’ fashioned Battleship, there’s one special twist, the title being a bit of a giveaway; you play against the computer!

The game comprises a huge set of individual puzzles. The aim of the game, as ever with Battleship, is to sink some ruddy enemy ships. They’re cloaked in some kind of invisibility, leaving it down to you to seek and destroy. The layout of the game will be recognisable to anyone familiar with the original, however, there are a few twists in this new iteration. You’re after six enemy ships, a Cruiser, two Destroyers and three Submarines, which occupy three, two and one spaces on the board respectively. When you start the level, one of the ship spaces will be revealed to you, as well as one empty space to get you going.

Also, the grid has numbers up and down the axes,  which correspond to how many spaces are taken up by ships in that particular row or column. It’s up to you to correlate all this information and begin your attack. There’s a lot of freedom involved with Warship Solitaire; the game doesn’t require you to fully commit to anything until the whole board is solved, which is a refreshing approach that really lets you take your time and relish the puzzle aspect of the game.

There are five levels of difficulty, corresponding to ascending navy ranks, with Admiral being the daddy of them all. Each rank contains twenty five different playing boards, so longevity is not an issue here; this one will keep you engaged for some time to come. The graphics are gorgeous, and the game comes complete with a Hans Zimmer-esque epic score that really makes you feel like you’re achieving something of worth. All in all, this is a thrillingly engaging and challenging little puzzler, as well as being a welcome shot of gaming nostalgia.

Embark on a mission to the App Store to start sinking ships today!

Patrick Ryan
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