Avoiding mobile app development failure

With over 1.2 million apps available in the App Store alone, and a growing market in buying, selling, and communicating online, there has perhaps never been a better time to create an app for your business – there really is an app for everything. However, as easy as it can be to create an app, you must be mindful of the potential pitfalls that could await you.


Entering the app world 

These days, there are few customers who can’t be reached via the internet or a smartphone and mobile apps can be a fantastic way of accessing a wider audience, creating a convenient service for potential customers, increasing advertising revenue, and accumulating business opportunities. The right mobile app can do wonders for a business, and is a worthy investment. Can you really afford to lose out on such an extensive client base?

It is estimated that many apps will lose up to 76% of their users after the first three months; it is essential, therefore, that you think carefully about the design and function of your app to ensure a loyal clientele. Attention to detail is key, before you even start developing your app. What will your app do? Who is it for? How can you include all of the required features?

What will it look like? These questions, and more, should be answered on paper before you start creating your app on screen; you must be clear on where you’d like your app to head, reducing the risks of confusion and delay.

To create a successful, user-friendly app, you must first consider your target audience. What services does your business offer, and who are your clientele? It would be useless creating an app that targets the youth market if the bulk of your customers are older adults or serious business owners, after all. It is also essential to think carefully about what you’d like your app to achieve, and how. If you start with your desired outcome, and work backwards, the right app will feel as though it’s writing itself.


A successful app epitomizes the word “simple”, with easy-to-use features, a quick sign-up process, and bold and catchy yet modest graphics; the interface must be user-friendly and easy to navigate, without being overwhelming. You should also consider the updates that your app will offer. After all, some of the best apps succeed by keeping things fresh and interesting. Use the word “unique” as your inspiration. What has your app got that can’t be found anywhere else? How can you make it truly memorable? That said, ensure your app stays relevant to your market; there is nothing worse than an app that deviates from its true purpose in exchange for being too flashy. An app that can be customized to include your customers’ preferences is likely to succeed over those that remain rigid. Communication is also endlessly important, and you should take heed of other apps’ failures. Test your app thoroughly before it heads to market, and tweak it until it’s perfect. Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid of investing a little hard work. The right app can do wonders for your business, but don’t expect the app to create, and work, for itself.


Getting a little ‘app-ssistance’

Creating a mobile app can be incredibly daunting, especially if you are completely focused on the logistics of operating a business, or have never been involved with app development before. Luckily, there are numerous companies on hand that will make it their mission to help you; independent development houses, such as worryfreelabs.com, can be on hand to help you with almost every aspect of your app, and will ensure you have more time to spend on running your business and helping it to flourish.  When stocking up on tech goodies, it’s also important to be aware of Voucher Codes such as Currys Voucher Codes, that can save you a lot of money when buying the necessary equipment to help your business flourish. For app development services in Birmingham, UK, Be sure to check out ALT Agency.

Apps can push data and information into the path of your customers, help your business to reach a wider audience, create opportunities for increasing advertising and sales revenue, and inspire potential customers to head in your direction, as well as helping you to network with potential clients and competitors. Creating your own app can be a demanding task, though, and you must be determined to succeed in developing an app that will get you noticed; don’t risk becoming one of those businesses that loses three quarters of its users within the first three months. The most important thing is to have faith in your app and in your business abilities; after all, you can’t expect anyone else to believe in you otherwise. With a little help, courage in your convictions, and a great idea, there is no reason why your app won’t do wonders for your business.