Simply Declare gets bigger and better

As reviewers we have our favourite apps which we may have found by reviewing, but we continue to use because we just plain like the app. So when apps make huge changes and bring in new features we can’t help but pass the information on to you.

Simply Declare Travel App was a travel app brought to our attention a couple of years ago, and it has blossomed to become a full blown travel aid for the world traveller. The developer Rae Mapey has added many new features, some for in-app purchase, which allows you the user to pick and chose what you need the app to do.

Here is what is in basic Paid version.

* Tailored for World Travellers for tracking purchases needed to declare back to your home       country for  duty purposes

* Real Time Currency Exchange for 34 Supported Currencies, or add your own custom currency

* Quick Currency Converter

* Built to handle multiple currencies in one trip

* Take Images of Invoices Instantly

* Produces an itemized list of all your purchases making filling out your declaration form a snap

* Email receipts or lists to yourself for safe keeping

* No Roaming Necessary – WiFi only

iCloud Backup

The new in-app purchases give you the following new features:

160+ World Currencies Available

* Quick Currency Converter, why use more than one app?

* Favourites List for Currency List so you don’t have to scroll forever

* Notepad for Trip

* Notepad for each item

* Ability to make individual Declarations lists for all travellers

Maintain a History of Trips

The Best of the New features is the Quick Currency Converter. If you are like me, I hate having to switch between apps so the converter gives me a more rounded experience when I’m travelling abroad.  I track my goods, but I have a super converter to use before I even buy anything and I use it just for general exchanges on my food, bevy and anything else on my trip need currency for. I downloaded the full currencies, which gives me the total of 165 currencies including Bitcoin, and with this feature the best of the best is the Favourites List! The list is simply to use, you tap on the star and it will bring your favourite currency to the top of the list. You have seven favourites to use and when you are done with them un-tap and simply re-tap the new currencies you need for your next trip. I have used quite a few currency apps, and this feature is probably the best I have seen.

Now Simply Declare has made a couple of minor changes to their free version, but  Simply Declare is the proverbially indie app, and we need to keep indies in the app game. If you are world traveler, go for the Paid and enjoy all the new benefits.

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