Dibby: Call ‘Dibs’ On What Is Rightly Yours!

Since time began, there has been a global understanding of the term calling ‘Dibs’ to mean claiming what is yours. Dibby is taking this term and making it social. The way it works is simple. Find something you like, take a pic, add a description, maybe even post to Facebook or Twitter and add that ‘Dib’ to your portfolio.

Your ‘Dibs’ are valued in Dibby coins and you can earn these daily by simply opening the app. The part where it gets really social is when your friends can ‘swoop’ in and steal your ‘Dib’ away from you. But don’t worry, go and ‘swoop’ it back! Every time a ‘Dib’ changes hands the it becomes more valuable and the higher your collection the higher your portfolio climbs on the scoreboard.

Here are some possible scenarios to use Dibby in:


Picture the scene: you’re out shopping with your friends, you finally see that jacket/skirt/necklace/shop assistant you really, really want. You walk closer, imagining all the wondrous things you and this item are going to achieve together. You reach out for the item… Suddenly you hear a screeching sound of ‘Dibs!’ from over your shoulder and your ‘buddy’ swoops in and takes a snap of the prize. You can understand the blinding rage that would be caused by this event. Never fear… Use Dibby to swoop in and steal it back!

The wish list

Okay, so Christmas is over, but it’s never too early to start planning for the next one. Head outside and start calling ‘Dibs’ for that wish list for the festive season. Santa will be impressed with you planning so early.

The check list

Car enthusiast? Bird Enthusiast? Do you love trees? Get out there and start snapping all these great things, building up your portfolio and ticking off that check list. Who knows, you might see a rare thing you’ve been after for ages!

Quick, call ‘Dibs’ at the App Store now!