EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3, Get The Extra Charge You Need On The Go

One of the crowning glories of modern technologies is not just the internet, the mobile phone or the numerous digital cameras that have revolutionised photography, it has to be the technology we know as the smartphone. It really is an all-singing, all-dancing device that does just about everything!

But its dynamic features come at a price. Today’s smartphones can take digitally enhanced images up 12 megapixels in many models, high definition video and can connect to Wi-Fi as easily as your tablet, PC or home computer can – and it’s just as quick too!

But with all the dynamic features a smartphone can achieve, there is a battery which has to power all of this energy. Incidentally, did we mention the smartphone can makes phone calls and send SMS text messages too?



The problem with the battery is that it is forced to work overtime to handle all the various functions and programs it will be tasked to do. And the technology that would see a battery last weeks on end before charging is necessary, is a long way away. That is the case even when you use the battery sparingly, let alone constantly like most of us tend to do.

So, what better way to find a device that will directly charge smartphones and digital cameras via its very own magnetic stack? The EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3 is a small device which could actually fit in your pocket. Its dimensions are no more than four inches long and about two inches wide, with a depth of about half an inch. It’s pretty much about the size of those pagers we used to use during the 1980s and early 1990s (remember them?)

The 3,200 mAh EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3™ can directly charge smartphones, digital cameras, and more via a tethered Micro-USB and Lighting connector output. If you pair two or more of these devices together and you can charge the batteries simultaneously.

To know when your combined are fully charged, you will see four illuminated lights and any Jumpr Stacks that are still charging will have a light which will still continue to blink until the charge completes.

The EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3™ comes with a year’s warranty and you will find all the user manuals, data sheets, and other supporting documents in the ‘Downloads and Support Tab’ which you’ll find through the device’s product homepage.

I’ve had the Stack 3 for a few days and I’m glad I got my hands on one due to the fact that i’m constantly on my iPhone 6 plus. With all the emails, phone calls and messages I have to send through the day my battery power literally depletes within 4 hours in the day. With the Stack 3 I had no need to take my power charger I stick the power-pack in my bag and I’m actually happy knowing that I can get some extra juice when needed.

The great thing about the Jumpr Stack 3 is that, I’ve managed to charge my iPhone from 20% to 100% in about 45-50 minutes and the Stack 3 still had plenty of juice left. If you’re a busy individual and you constantly need battery power to get through the day without having to sit in the office while your device charges, then the EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3 is for you.