For CheapCharts, everything is about saving money in the iTunes Store – Review

CheapCharts is a perfect tool for saving a bit of cash when you buy regularly off the iTunes library. Some of us are in and out of the iTunes library all the time, buying albums, singles, new apps and tools to make our technological experience so much more enriched.

However, all these music albums and apps that we buy can take a toll on the pocket! Which is why we could do with an app like CheapCharts. CheapCharts has been developed because prices in the iTunes library are changing constantly. Sometimes the cost of your favourite artists and their latest release will be priced very high one week, only to see the price drop dramatically the next.


Often the record company will place an album in a sale and drop its price accordingly and before you know about a limited special offer, it has passed you by. And all too often a friend will contact you and tell you he or she managed to download the full series of Wolf Hall or Game of Thrones on the iTunes library at a rock bottom price. But when you log on, it has returned to its normal price listing and you will have missed out on the sale!

CheapCharts has been developed to overcome this specific issue. When a favourite artist, favourite album, a top of the range blockbuster movie, or a television series that you are addicted to drops in price or goes out for sale at a special low price, you will be informed!

CheapCharts is all about saving money, so not only are you informed about savings being applied to music performed by your favourite artists but on audiobooks, books and the latest television programmes that are showing up on the iTunes library.

Let’s say you want to watch the latest episodes of the hit TV series Lost Girl and every day that you log in, you find it too pricey and expensive. The hassle of checking back on a daily basis to see if the price has been altered or knocked down will no longer involve a daily check back. CheapCharts does it all for you – it looks at the specific material you tell it to look at and informs you right away when the price has dropped.

CheapCharts is like having a mystery shopper just walking around the shopping malls or town centre on your behalf and then calling you to inform you of a bargain!