Oilfield Calendar is the easy-to-use calendar and planning app – Review

If you work in an oilfield, life can be tough. Managing your time can be a challenge and the need to get as much production out of your day while balancing it with rest and recreation is all too important, we are constantly being told. But now with an app designed specifically for those working the oilfields or oil platforms, life has been made so much more productive and easier thanks to the Oilfield Calendar.

The Oilfield Calendar is easy to use and will sort out your life by keeping it organized and in specification. This simple to use app is designed for anyone who is involved in the production of oil exploration and mining. It is also good to use as a scheduling tool.

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The interface is easy to use and you can customize your oil and natural gas hitch accordingly. For those workers that are into production, drilling and facility working the app will be your partner’s best friend.

Vendors will also find this calendar tool handy by knowing who the DSM is on tour to sign off your tickets. You can actually plan ahead using a year planner view mode; this will tell you if you have your birthday or Christmas period on the well or off.

You can also create and compare multiple schedules and then print them off in PDF format, or alternatively share the file with other fellow workers or family members. Oilfield workers will be more than painfully aware of how difficult the schedules are when you are out in the field. Sometimes the industry demands oil production is performed at high levels and at other times you can be told to ease off. But even on the low production weeks the schedule is tight and free time is at a premium.

Just keeping tabs with your life and your rest periods when working the field can be a daunting task. So you will find some coordination and planning really does not go a miss. The Oilfield Calendar is the one app to give you some form of life maintenance, planning structure and clear daylight on what you have to do and when.

Even if your hitches change suddenly (and they will) you can create and edit new hitches in the hitch editing tool within the app. Holidays and days off are marked with an oil drop when seen in month view. So, get on your hard hat, steel toe caps and fluorescent jacket and manage your busy schedule at home and on the rig.