Treble Timer V1: Public Speaking, Cooking And Exercise Made Easy

Introducing Treble Timer V1: the app that lets you record and time yourself to help you practice properly! Whether you’re preparing to speak in public, perfecting the cooking time of that special dish or training to be a future athlete, this app makes practice easy.

Public Speaking 

Public speaking. No one actually likes it, do they? The people who say they “love speaking in public” are downright liars. As you might be able to guess, I hate speaking in public. But there are ways to conquer your fear. Number one: imagine everyone in their underwear, although this really does depend who your audience is – my performance delivering a speech at my girlfriend’s parent’s silver wedding anniversary was described as ‘distracted’.

The second is to practice, time yourself and, above all, film yourself. This option is much more effective. Enter, Treble Timer. The key factor that separates this app from other time keeping apps are the video features, the option to save your entries, and the chance to share your work on different social media. Although if you are recording a speech, maybe keep that one to yourself.

Ready, steady…record

Want to be the next Ainsley Harriot? Who doesn’t? I know I do! Well, as all you budding celebrity chefs know, practice makes perfect. Why not use Treble Timer V1 to record and time yourself conjuring up your signature dish in the kitchen. You can perfect your meal and check your presenting skills by saving the video to your gallery. And if you’ve nailed it, share it on social media.


Time your friends

When I was younger, my friend told me he was, “The fastest man in the world”. “Not a chance, mate” I responded. “Time me then!” he requested. “Okay!” I agreed, and whipped out Treble Timer V1. You might find it odd that he said he was the fastest ‘man’ in the world but when I say I was ‘younger’, this means last week. You might also find it odd that I accepted the challenge to time him, suggesting that there may actually be a chance that he might be the fastest man in the world (we live in a small town). After some research, it turns out he wasn’t the fastest man in the world, nor even our town, but I do have a great video of him falling over which I can now post to Facebook.

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