Polysudoku: Sudoku Gone 3D

When the working week arrives, often the part that requires the most effort is the public transport morning commute to the office. Sure, you could read up on some key notes for the day or decide if you can be bothered to ask your boss what he or she did last night, or you could download the latest brain-busting number puzzle app and get your brain prepared for the day ahead!

Introducing Polysudoku; the game is essentially Sudoku, but with polygons on polyhedra in 3D! Print the correct number on each tile to solve the mesh wrapped around the solid. There is only one simple rule: Numbers must be dual on polyhedron edges and single on faces and tile-groups. 

If, like me, the idea of Sudoku really twists your melon, man, then this app will help you shake off that fear. The interactive in-app tutorial will quickly show you the ropes, help you learn the rules and inform you how to get the most out of the game. Once you learn the basics of Polysudoku, I can vouch (as a non-Sudoku believer) that it is highly addictive. The beauty of the app is that you always want to go that extra step further, hence the addictiveness.

If mind-boggling puzzles weren’t enough to open your eyes wide in the morning then the graphics on this app sure will. You really feel in control as the touch-sensitivity is second to none. And wait until you get to level 3, the game offers a “reaching through the glass to touch the game” type of experience as a reward for the players who manage to get there (this is even more apparent for all your iPhone6 plus users).

If you were thinking this app was just for the morning commute, think again! After a long day puzzling over numbers you’ll be surprised how excited you are to solve number puzzles on the way home. And as Cyndi Lauper so rightly said, “When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun.” Boys, you can have fun with this app as well, don’t worry.

Count yourself in at the App Store now!