App Development For Apple

It’s no secret that a lot goes into developing an app, from the initial idea all the way through development and marketing. App development for Apple includes creating both iOS and Mac apps, learning how to develop your app on an Apple platform, and so much more. Let’s check out a few of Apple’s tips regarding app distribution, a significant part of the process:

The Developer Program

One option for straightforward app distribution is to enroll in the Apple Developer Program. The first step in submitting your app to the App Store and Mac App Store, membership offers access to resources necessary for configuration, submitting app updates, and more.


Apple provides “advanced, integrated services for certain types of apps,” including game and Newsstand apps. The service is also utilized as an additional revenue source via In-App Purchase and iAd Network options. These services require additional configuration “later on,” such as during development or when submitting your app to the App or Mac App Stores. Apple provides detailed information on how to add these services to your app.


For iOS apps, Apple recommends testing on the iOS Simulator as well as any other “devices and releases your app supports.” Testing on multiple devices “ensures your app operates exactly as you thought it would,” no matter the device being used. It’s possible to register “up to 100 devices” per membership year for testing and development.

These are merely a few tips regarding app development for Apple, with others including submitting and releasing your app, distributing it outside of the App store, and maintaining identifiers, certificates, and profiles.

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