SyncSmartFTS is an app that helps to transfer/move/send your contacts cross-platform – Review

Isn’t it amazing how we seem to have a multitude of emails addresses, Facebook contact lists, Twitter friends (or followers) and then another address or contact book within our smartphones, and all of them are totally unmatched?

Going well back to my first email account (I still hold the account password and regularly check the mailbox) I have contacts from friends and work colleagues on there I haven’t seen for more than ten years.

The truth is maintaining a contact list is cumbersome and time consuming and we only ever really look after one address book or contacts list, because that on its own is a challenge in its self, let alone maintaining eight or nine!

smartsync_1 smartsync_2

But what if, like me, you want to keep all your email lists, social media address books, current Outlook address folder and any other main contacts list, then what’s the best way to do this?

SyncSmartFTS is an app that will help you overcome this issue. It lets you transfer, move or just send all of your contacts cross platform from one smartphone to another. This is the one area where you’ll find SyncSmart so dynamic.

Let’s say you have just recently purchased a new iPhone 6 and you have replace it by upgrading from your Samsung Galaxy 3 Mini smartphone. Both phones work from very different platforms but moving all your contacts’ address details, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, email addresses and dates of birth from one phone to the next would have been a nightmare without SyncSmart.

SyncSmart handles all this for you. All you have to do is to download the app, create an account by registering your own email with SyncSmart and thinking of a password. Then all you need to do is to log in (after account confirmation) and the app then looks for your contacts and all their details on your current phone.

The contact list is then stored onto The Cloud (all for free) and another back-up file is also stored here, ready for synchronization from the Cloud to your new device or smartphone. If you want to transfer your contacts from The Cloud to another device (perhaps you have recently purchased an iPad too?) then just log in and import straight from The Cloud onto that new device!

It really is that simple; SyncSmart manages to store information easily onto The Cloud and can move it anywhere, regardless of the platform it is on.