Big Gag: Dinner Party Gold

Dinner party conversation can be fascinating. It’s great to chat to people, hear about how well they are doing and how everything is going brilliantly in their lives, isn’t it? Well, if like me, you can’t stand hearing about your ‘buddy’ Richard’s second raise of the year, this app can be your antidote.

Big Gag is a live perverb generator. A perverb is the transformation of a standard proverb for humorous effect. The Big Gag Generator gives you the opportunity to see two proverbs which are used to generate the result – the perverb! You can fast produce these amusing proverb jokes with the app’s easy to use interface, simply tap or swipe! You can also change the font of the text, share on Facebook, Twitter and via email and hear your newly created sentences read out in a pleasant voice.

So, let’s begin with the starter. Susan (from Susan and Brian) has just told you that their child has got into a private school. While you are containing your joy for their success, give Brian a nudge and show him a glance at a perverb you created earlier that day!


Main course. The wine is flowing. This provokes Richard to recall the time he went to a vineyard in the South of France. Before he changes the subject to where he’s flying on his next business trip, whip out Big Gag and address the room with a humorous travel perverb. You’re an instant dinner party hero.


By dessert, Richard and Mike seemed to have formed a team where they exchange office ‘banter’. Avoid unwanted inclusion this by gathering the rest of the party in a separate room and show them your hilarious perverbs. When Richard and Mike ask what everyone’s laughing at, just tell them that you’ll email them.


Make like a tree and fall into the woods at the App Store.