uCiC – Answer Me This! Ask Anything and Receive Precise Visual Answer to Your Question – Review

Have you ever been in desperate need of a photograph for your work, study, blog, and hobby or just for recreational reasons? The app uCiC allows us to post a request for a photograph you might need for whatever purpose, and other users on the app can respond to you right away.

You may well be looking for information and media on places or people that really matter to you; and you may need it in real time. What could be better than having the information come right to your door, rather than you go off and hunt for the information tirelessly?

ucic_1 ucic_2

The app uCiC cuts through all the noise and filters out all the fluff, delivering real time images and information about the exact place in which you want to learn about. You will receive real time images from other iCiC users in direct response to your queries. It is worth remembering that there is an incentive for those delivering just the information you want, so don’t be discouraged before you even try this app. The information will come and in real time too.

There’s nothing more valuable than receiving timely assistance from someone located in your neighbourhood, or with information relating directly to your locale. The app works by pinpointing a location on the map: this will allow you to see all of the users that are based within that area and you can select the size of the radius on the map you wish to cover.

Next, type in your request – which gets sent to all active users in the form of a push notification, then users can respond to that push notification by taking a photograph of your request and sending forward to you.

Once you have the good grace to send someone a photograph following a request, that person then receives Karma Points. The Karma Points can then be used to create new requests of your own. It’s a bit like Yahoo Answers where users are rewarded with points for answering a question, giving that person points to go towards asking a question themselves.

One could look at uCiC as some sort of human network where people are acting very much like a tourist guide for the region they are based in. People who request photographs are not swamped with unnecessary information and you will receive precise visual answers to your question posed.