Ned Nibbler: Don’t Let A Nice Guy Die

Answer me this – if you had a friend called ‘Ned’, he would be lovely, harmless, friendly, and green with one eye, right? Okay maybe not the last two, but if so, even better! So you’d want to look after your friend Ned and, most of all, you wouldn’t want him to die, right?

Introducing Ned Nibbler. He may be a little different to your old buddy Ned but nevertheless, he’s a good guy. Ned was created in a laboratory to experiment with the effects of eating various types of food in a stressful environment. So he hasn’t had the easiest life.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to get Ned through various laboratories without getting him killed.

Healthy eating. We all know we should do it as it is proven to benefit us. But Ned is a different story altogether; eating the wrong things wouldn’t damage us too much (aside from the time I had food poisoning at my girlfriend’s flat and was best friends with her toilet for 9 days – picture the infamous X-Lax scene from the original Dumb and Dumber, that’s exactly what happened to me, except she lived with five girls).  Whereas I thought I was actually going to die (possibly at the hands of one of her five female flatmates) there are a lot of ways Ned could die. He could eat too much, eat too little, eat the wrong things, get spiked, burned or frozen… you get the general idea!

Keeping Ned alive is no walk in the laboratory. You have to keep a close eye on his vital statistics including: fat, muscle, water, energy and health. Ned can walk, jog or run (running being better for his general health than a slow walk).

If he stops moving, it’s because the unthinkable has happened, he has died some horrible death – please don’t let that happen. Although you can just start a new game, and I’m sure Ned will be fine, if not a little annoyed.

Although a little far-fetched, the app is a great way for kids to learn to be healthy. Hopefully the kids won’t actually die, but it will sure scare them into eating their greens!

Walk, jog or run over to the App Store now to save Ned!