Matchmaking Wines With The Glorious Grapeful

Picture this. You’re sat in a smart restaurant, possibly on a first date, or, to raise the stakes a little, the first date with your partner’s parents in tow. You’re already a little on edge; anxiety’s got you swallowing too much. Now here comes the waiter, clasping a wine list. Oh God, wine? He hands it to you, the nearest person to him, your hand extending automatically to receive it. All heads turn. They wait, not knowing the limitations of your decision tragically boil down to ‘red’ or ‘white’. If only you could have some guidance beforehand! If only there was some sort of quick, modern way to get up to speed on your wines! There is. It’s called Grapeful and it’s free and out now for both iOS and Android.

If the above situation strikes the fear of God into you, take heart; you’re not alone. The developers of this unique and inventive little app faced a similar first world crisis back in 2013 at a social gathering, and hence, Grapeful was born. The main thrust behind the app is the ability to quickly produce a list of wines that might suit a particular meal; salmon for example, apparently goes best with a crisp, developed white.

But that’s not all Grapeful is capable of. It also has the ability to draw up the wine lists of specific restaurant, allowing you to kind of backwards search your wine, if the beverage factor takes precedence for you over the culinary aspect. Or you can simply use it to look smart and collected at a decisive moment in said restaurant. Indeed, if you really want to work from the top down, you can tell Grapeful what kind of characteristics you like in your wine, and it’ll draw up any number of suitable options for you.

If this all sounds very refined, I suppose it is; however, this app appears to be aimed at the journeyman, eager to expand their wine knowledge and/or prepare for an important meal or meeting. Alternatively, you can just use the basic wine-matching function to enhance your day-to-day culinary life. The app also features a ‘Did You Know?’ section, full of informative facts and stats about its favourite subject. Wine is such a big part of middle and upper-class life that a smart little number like Grapeful could bring a lot to your world. Sure to impress foodies and wine-fans, this one is also worth checking out for the casual diner. It’s got legs.

Kick back at the App Store or Google Play and uncork Grapeful today for free!

Patrick Ryan
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