Top Mobile Applications for Gamers

Choose Your Genre

An incredible £23 billion was spent worldwide on mobile gaming apps last year, with even more being projected to spent this year. Whilst some game developers have struggled with their instant shot to fame (look at the Flappy Bird debacle), most indie gamers see mobile app making as the best way to make a name for themselves in the overpopulated programming market. By looking at the most popular app types, and some examples of the best apps in those genres, you can get a feel for where the market appears to be moving. Not only that, there are some surprising benefits of playing games.


Trivia Games

The recent success of Trivia Crack has highlighted the thirst for trivia based mobile games. They’re immensely appealing as they bring the thrill of the pub quiz onto your phone and as they become more popular, they make for a great way to keep in touch with your friends. The makers of Trivial Pursuit have now released a multi player version of their board game, whilst a new Blockbuster game brings the thrill of the Gold Rush to the 21st century.


Physics Based Games

The true power of the smartphone was highlighted when Angry Birds was released. The processing power required to run the accurate physics engine as well as the colourful graphics package was immense, but the simplicity of the game, as well as the requirement for wanton destruction, made it an instant and constant hit. Other games such as Cut The Rope and Fruit Ninja rely on a similar physics engine and quick gameplay to maintain their popularity.


Matching Games

If you haven’t received a game request to play Candy Crush or Bejeweled Blitz, you’ve probably been living in a cave. Some people curse the rise of faster fibre optic broadband for making the internet so quick that downloading small but addictive games becomes easy, but deleting them is much harder. Whether it’s the bright colours, the small pleasure bursts that you get for lining the fruit or gems up or the promise of needing a few more points to get to the next level, they will always prove to be popular.


MMO Strategy Games

With faster broadband speeds, it’s become easier to connect your smartphone to other people through massively multiplayer online games. What started with a simple three tribe battle with Travian back in the early in the early 2000s has now spawned a whole raft of battle games where you build an empire and try to take over a world through warfare, trade and alliances. The current top picks in this category include Clash of Clans and Boom Beach for their simple gameplay and addictive strategy.


Tower Defence Games

Desktop Tower Defence introduced the world to this annoying, frustrating yet satisfying genre in which different creatures swarm across the screen and the only thing to stop them is you and your weapons. Fieldrunners topped the charts last year and looks set to improve itself with promised updates and upgrades this year.


Whatever genre of game you’re looking for, be sure to read the reviews to see how you’ll be able to get without in-app purchases or a lengthy friend list.