Top 10 Ways That People Have Broken Their Mobile Phones

The team over at have recently collected together a list of 50 ways that people have broken their phones. These aren’t your run of the mill drops and bangs though, they are some of the craziest ways that we have seen!

One Way to Get a New Phone

One lady told her husband that her phone was rubbish and the gent got so annoyed he threw her phone out the window. The poor phone never worked but the guy was rid of moaning. He did compensate his wife a few days later by buying her a nice new phone.

Who Said Kids Don’t Cost?

If you are a parent you know full-well that kids cost you money, and with technology getting better, the prices continue to climb. One mother decided to give her daughter a bit of a telling off when she wasn’t doing her homework, and like any teenage daughter gave her mom some lip back. Her mom then reacted by slamming the door, vibrating a phone off a bedside table onto the tiles, smashing the screen.

Prepare The Marigolds!

One of the worst places to break your phone is down the toilet, and it’s far too common these days! – “I was texting in the toilet and my phone rang. I panicked and dropped it down it down the loo. The phone couldn’t swim and never recovered.”

Paul Daniels, Watch Out!

Amateur magic and expensive mobile phones, surely nothing can go wrong? Can it?

For one aspiring magician it certainly did when he got hold of his dads phone to do the ‘ol smash the phone with the hammer and miraculously repair trick’….unfortunately the budding magician just smashed it….needless to say the dad was not impressed.

Only Put Suitcases on Your Car Roof

Another common smash is people that leave their phones on top of the car. Many people have left their phones on top of vehicles and then drove off without realising. Sometimes the phones come off lightly but sometimes they will smash on the floor or get driven over.

Lightning Strikes Twice!

It’s bad enough when you suffer from one smashed screen but when you get away with putting the phone in the wash by accident and then a few weeks later you drop it under the wheels of a bus you must feel that karma really isn’t on your side.

Walls and Phones Really Don’t Mix

Teenage relationships often lead to arguments and for one Mom she had to foot the bill for a phone repair when her daughter threw her phone at her bedroom wall during a temper tantrum with her boyfriend. Poor Mom was left a little lighter in her purse and had a nice dent in the wall to look at.


An Expensive High-Five

One Dad was striving to be super cool and decided to give his son a high-five, not realising that his phone was still in the palm of his hand. As you can guess, the phone flew out of his hand and broke both the front and back screen.

Stop Horsing Around!

Whilst scoring dads points this poor man came away with a cracked phone. He ended up dropping his phone whilst watching his daughter have her horse riding lesson. He did not notice until the end of the lesson when the horses were going back into their stables, at which point he heard a breaking sound and looked to see his beloved phone under the horses hoof.

From New to Smashed in 7 Minutes

Some breaks aren’t bizarre they are just plain stupid, and we salute you for it. One person got a new white Blackberry. Unpacked it, put the sim in and then showed it to their son. As they held out the phone, the son reaches for it, knocks it out of the poor owners hand and they drop it screen facing down. If that’s not bad enough, the phone owner then steps forward to pick it up and … smash.. stood on it.

If you want to see more funny mobile phone mishaps then check out a list of 50 crazy ways that people have broken their phones … we promise you it will brighten up your day!