AUTOsist: Baby, You Can Buy My Car

In my hometown, a backwater affair in rural Ireland, asking for the paper trail of a vehicle you intend to buy would most likely get you laughed out of the room. However, in the real world, this kind of stuff is taken very seriously. As it should be. If you were audited and asked for documents detailing your tax misadventures, you’d no doubt want a clean and concise record on hand fairly lively. Which gives me an idea for another app, but anyway, that’s outside the scope of this review. Point is, it should be no different with cars. A clean and concise record of activities pertaining to the vehicle at your disposal is surely an asset, whether you’re selling or buying. Enter AUTOsist, a brand new app for iOS and Android which will help you create and manage just that.

App creator Zorrane Abdeali says he got the idea for the app when he was selling his old car and a particular peruser wanted an entire documented history of the vehicle scanned and emailed to him. This sent poor Zorrane on a Herculean mission through tombs of old receipts. Some he found, some he didn’t, but the process was hugely taxing, not to mention tedious. So, although it was far too late for him, Zorrane generously dreamed up AUTOsist, a handy and easy-to-use method of storing relative info on your mobile device.

So AUTOist in a nutshell is a document storage facility. And what it does it does very well. You snap a picture of your chosen document and the app saves it with a thumbnail and a date/description. Simple right? But that’s not all. You can also transfer records at the click of a button to anyone you like, compile a report that’ll display your vehicle’s history in shorthand (useful for cars which have a colourful and varied past) and import existing records in electronic or paper form. Upcoming features include a reminder service that will notify you when you’ve got an upcoming well, service, and a cool sounding Fuel Tracker, which will take note of all your fill ups and attach receipts for your records.

This app, which comes to you free of charge, is sure to appeal to anyone who loves cars and/or organisation. While it may seem slightly OCD to some, especially this small-town reviewer, it is in fact a genuinely useful service that everyone should think seriously about availing of. Better safe than sorry is the key phrase here!

Take a drive over to the App Store or Google Play and get logging for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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