My AppProfile: No One Knows You Better Than Your iPhone!

What’s the one thing that knows you inside out? Your partner? Your best friend? Your cat (hopefully not)? Well, none of the above. That’s right, it’s your iPhone! 

Your handy little pocket buddy who keeps your secrets, knows what you like and connects you to the world. 

The majority of us cannot live without our beloved companions and cannot function if we lose them. I know from experience as I once did a roly-poly across a dance floor to impress a group of ladies in a night club; I lost my iPhone in the process and they were gone by the time I was back on my feet. Not my smoothest moment. 

Anyway, iPhones are precious and personal. However it’s a strenuous task keeping up to date with the latest apps and choosing the right ones to download. Wouldn’t it be great to have an app that recommends which apps you will love? Introducing, My AppProfile. 

This app will build a profile for you as an app user by looking at your installed apps and then helps you discover new, related apps! 

The app is a great way to discover new apps tailored to your taste without having to go out and search for them. You can also share the apps you love and show what your great interests are! 

So all you gamers, get ready for a selection of the best and latest gaming apps; music lovers, you’ll be bopping along to some fresh new apps in no time and all you food lovers, you’ll be getting hungrier by the second with a whole new range of foody apps. 

Get your copy for free today at the App Store!