Oozzat!?: 8 Out Of 10 Secret Agents Agree

I’ve just finished reading a book called ‘I Am Pilgrim’, which tells the story of a covert agent sent to Turkey in a last ditch attempt to stop a catastrophic terrorist attack on the US. Because it’s a spy thriller, there’s constant talk of the ‘secret world’, about how every phone conversation everywhere is monitored by a classified system called ‘Echelon’ and how everyone’s past lives and histories are there for the taking by hackers, both state-sanctioned and rogue. Obviously it’s a work of fiction (not to mention a great book), but it makes you wonder. How much do you trust all these social messaging apps? Not very much, I’m sure. Well, here’s a brand new messenger to put your mind at ease. It’s completely transparent, it won’t sell on your data to shady third party organisations, and it’s a lot of fun to boot. It’s called Oozzat!? and it’s out now for iOS and Android.

Even covert agents get lonely; after a long night spent patching up bullet wounds, they might find themselves chancing a few private snaps to send home to their partners. There ideal system would be Oozzat!?. As well as standard messaging and picture messaging capabilities, which are completely free, the app has one distinct advantage over its competitors; each message is entirely encrypted (and the developers are happy to prove it, as shown in this video), meaning it can only be read by the recipient. To be serious for a second, there have been far too many cases recently of private picture messages being exposed on a public platform; everyone from celebrities to victimised ex-girlfriends have fallen prey. Oozzat!? guarantees that your messages are yours alone; and the intended recipient of course, which will no doubt provide great peace of mind to many potential users.

The app also has a really fun side with plenty of development potential; you can choose to send messages anonymously. This might sound slightly creepy, but fear not; every recipient of an anonymous delivery can utilise a special ‘Reveal’ feature to discover who’s messaging them. Or maybe it’s just more fun to guess. This little credit system has another use; you can relinquish one credit and make a certain conversation hidden from onlookers in the same group, complete with twenty covert messages to send one-on-one.

The developers have done a great job blending the fun of anonymous messaging with the serious concern of mobile privacy; there secure messaging system means you can feel safe when you’re chatting with friends and partners, while their cool little anonymous feature provides some entertainment opportunities. It’s both sides of the same coin. If you’re concerned about shaky privacy with some of the bigger names of instant messaging, you and friends should get hooked up with Oozzat!? quick smart.

Take an encrypted trip to the App Store or Google Play and secure Oozzat!? for free today!

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at https://www.lagoonpictures.com/