SocialPoint: You Can Definitely Trust This Middleman

Say you’ve just received a bit of good news, perhaps related to your career. For argument’s sake, let’s say you’ve just been cast in the upcoming season of ‘True Detective’. It’s a small role, sure; you’re not stepping into Matthew or Woody’s shoes anytime soon, but hey, it’s a big deal, you want people to know about, and you want them to know about it now. You’re looking at quite a bit of effort in getting those joyous tidings out there. Facebook is family and friends, LinkedIn strictly professional, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. Wouldn’t it be simple to do it all in one fell swoop? SocialPoint lets you do just that. It’s recently been revamped into a sleek, powerhouse middleman for all your favourite social media platforms, it’s free and it’s out now for iOS and Android.

SocialPoint is an app that consolidates all your social media platforms into one handy interface. All the usual suspects are present and correct, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn. The shiny new update brings us a set of updated APIs (Application Program Interface for the uninitiated) and a host of detailed features to make your online life a hell of a lot easier, including social filters and social contacts. Like any good expanding brand, SocialPoint comes in too sizes – the free version, and a paid version, where for a tiny fee you get little additions like a search function, that allows you to transcend networks and search out contacts through them.

The best thing about SocialPoint is arguably the posting feature; this allows you to make one post across a host of platforms, or vice versa in a more traditional posting technique. The main point is, you’re in total control. You can shout it from the rooftops on the tried and tested Facebook and Twitter or take the trendier route of only broadcasting over the more visual routes like Instagram and Tumblr. Up to you. Whatever you choose, SocialPoint’s slick new interface will ensure smooth sailing; it’s remarkably simple to hook up all your accounts.

SocialPoint also has another advantage, at least in my book; when you’re delivering a message through a lot of varying platforms, it provides a moment of reflection to make sure you say exactly what you want to say. Which picture best sums up the post? Which sentence? In the same way Robert Frost said his imagination was freed up the most when he had to rhyme words, so works SocialPoint. You’re going to look endlessly professional and classy with this app, and most importantly in the social world; you’re going to look BUSY. If you’re looking for a simple, easy way to handle your online presence, why not let SocialPoint be your guide.

Log in to the App Store or Google Play and get posting with SocialPoint for free today!

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at