Snail Games’ anticipated action RPG Taichi Panda is out now on iOS

That’s right, folks, the highly-anticipated 3D action RPG Taichi Panda has finally carved its way onto iOS.

It features a bipedal martial arts expert of a panda who is trying to restore balance to a broken world, gripped by evil forces.

He is one of three playable characters, along with an acrobatic treasure hunter and tough knight who have teamed up with the panda to help save the world.

And it’s a beautiful world waiting to be painted red by the blood of swarms of goblins, bandits, and demons that you’ll be destroying on your path to glory.

That path is made up of numerous levels in which you can summon AI assistance known as War Pets to help you take down a particularly tough group of opponents or that massive boss.

You’ll need to upgrade your character, its gear, and skills as the difficulty rises so make sure to gather plenty of resources and materials while playing.

If multiplayer is more your thing then there’s plenty for you here. 1v1 duels will help determine who is the most powerful between you and your friend but if you have more than one you can all fight it out in 3v3 battles.

Cooperative multiplayer exists in the form of Team Dungeons where three players can join forces to tackle a challenging dungeon.

Taichi Panda is available now in the App Store.