Patriot The Ultimate Impact Protection Case for iPhone

When it comes to looking after your device, the Patriot for iPhone 6 plus product can make your phone about as safe as it can get. Patriot actually encompasses the front screen, sides and back in an all-round protective shell.

The Patriot provides impact protection that is exceptional and second to none. It will also protect against splashing and any dust that tends to gather in the corners of your smartphone. But what about all the ports, I hear you ask: the Patriot Impact Protection has acoustic vents which protect all of those tiny holes and ports in your iPhone, whether it’s the microphone jack, battery recharging port or speakers. There will be full protection from dirt, dust and any liquid matter.


What makes this protective cover so dynamic? It is the energy absorbing material which trades as “FlexShock” and helps to absorb, dissipate and repel and impact force including dropping, hitting, throwing at a wall and accidental dropping onto a paved or road surface.

The material is remarkably thin and has a design which makes it fit around your device by somehow moulding itself over the contours of your phone. There is also an Impact Shield screen protector with an advanced and multi-layered system that will offer extra protection. These material are truly ingenious.

The BulletShield Interlayer

The BulletShield Interlayer is there to help soften and absorb impact. As soon as your device hits the floor following accidental dropping, it dissipates impact. And if that wasn’t enough, one more final layer dampens any remaining impact using its super soft cushioning layer. The impact simply cannot reach your screen.

A Most Advanced Screen Protection System

It’s difficult to believe that the screen is protected by a self-healing anti-scratch surface created with reflowing polymer which can prevent your screen from that rainbow effect it sometimes encounters. This truly is the most advanced screen protection in the world.

The geometric structure means you can safely go hiking, hill climbing and adventure cycling without having to worry about damaging your device. The Patriot also includes its own holster, so if you do happen to encounter any bumps or knocks then you just know you are covered.

To assemble the Patriot Ultimate Impact you will need to affix and assemble both parts, which is easy. Then just affix the clip-on screen protector and away you go. Your iPhone 6 device is now wrapped in the best protective casing the world can offer.