Migalolo ocean ebook – 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade reading for kids – Review

Not only an early reading lesson for children, but a lesson in the importance of the ocean and the environment – Migalolo provides younger children (primarily those in the first, second and third grades) with a fun and interactive way of learning all about our oceans.

The Migalolo app is for children who love to sing, learn about the creatures which live in our oceans, and hopefully become aware of the important role these animals play in preserving our environment.

The app has been developed by the same team which gave us the rainforest musical Kakamega. And once more, Shirley Choi is behind the musical which features nine chapters spread over 90 minutes of fun. The app aims to educate and is fun at the same time. There is certainly no hard-hitting political message inside but there will be an opportunity to get some sort of message through to your child that the environment and the oceans really do matter.

migalolo-1 migalolo-2

The graphics are rich and there are a number of diverse sea creatures you will enjoy. Among them are the fun and loveable trio of Henry, Iko and Yai.

Henry is a dolphin, who was once a boy and his best friends are the wise old turtle named Yai. The pet cat he has is called Iko. The undersea environment is rich in colour and bustling with fun characters.

You will even get to meet some really funny characters like a sassy seabird and a trout that can rap! But what impresses us most about Migalolo is the way it can teach the children the science of the seas, the importance of the environment and the things they can do to help protect the world’s ocean. After all, the children are our future and if they can be taught that the sea and our oceans are worth protecting, then that can’t be such a bad thing can it?

The app aims to explore many critical environmental topics regarding our oceans, but by doing so in a fun and engaging manner, it will help to keep the children focused and interested throughout.

There are a number of catchy tunes and songs which the kids can sing along to and this really does help to keep the kids engaged and entertained.

The dynamic thing about Migalolo is that you can go back to the beginning of any chapter you are half way through, once you have picked up the app the next day.