Find out what happens when you mix a slot machine with an adventure game in Slot Raiders

Following on from the success of Bridge Constructor, Headup Games is once again working closely with Clockstone Studios to bring you a unique new franchise that could kickstart a new genre entirely.

Slot Raiders is that very game and is best described as a slot machine adventure RPG – it’s safe to say that it will probably appeal to a lot of people.

You’ll be setting course for adventure in the 19th century and visit a variety of exotic and historic locations such as rural Japan, the underwater Caribbean, and even Yukon during the Gold Rush.

There’s an engaging plot to follow that involves you gathering a collection of precious metals and legendary treasures as you complete quests for your advisor, Jim, or one of many sidekicks you’ll meet as you progress in the game.

Tracky is your trusty pet dog that’ll remain at your side through thick and thin and can even play on your behalf when you’re busy, potentially unearthing bonus treasures.

Rounding out this already impressive package is a mini game in which search through bushes with a tap to hopefully discover a bag of gold or chest full of treasure. You could find yourself confronted by an angry bear or deadly snake though, so use caution.

Simply head on over to the App Store or Google Play where Slot Raiders is free to play and available now.



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