Screenshot++: Recapture A Captured Moment

Spring is (pretty much) upon us and, as the saying has it, it’s a perfect time for a little clearing out. Of course, a ‘Spring Clean’ constitutes an entire, top-to-bottom clear out and shine up, and what better place to start than with your iPhone photo library. But the mind baulks. What horrors lurk in those seldom-trodden vaults? Glimpses of parties in their death throes, shards of awkward, formal gatherings and splinters of testing times not entirely remembered and perhaps best forgotten. There’s good times too of course; stolen fragments of holidays, glimmers of joy and maybe, if you’re lucky, a captured memory of some of the best times of your life. Also stored in this virtual emotional roller-coaster are screenshots. Screenshot++, out now for iOS, is here to help you sort out these interlopers and put them in their proper place.

Screenshots are a dime a dozen in the typical photo library. Some are crucial, some aren’t, but they’re all in their for a reason. Or are they? Depending on your level of OCD, the typical photo library is also haunted by its fair share of accidental screenshots; the back-end of a text-message conversation, or a fumbled, botched attempt at silencing a just-out-of-reach alarm. Screenshot++ lets you organise and manage all your screenshots without forcing you to go through the hassle of wading into your expansive photo library.

Once you install the app and grant it access to your photos, all you screenshots automatically appear in the app’s main section. It really is as simple as that; some smart little algorithm identifies every screenshot lurking in your library and presents them to you in a streamlined, easy-to-navigate interface. This includes every kind of snap you’ve ever cared to take, across all the apps and features you have on your iPhone. You can delete the screenshots from the app, removing them from both Screenshot++ and your main library, saving you buckets of time when you want to clean up your media. You’re also able to move screenshots to a private folder; this also removes them from the main library, making them very secure and very private; we’ve all taken a sensitive snap or two, so for the ones you really should let go of but just can’t, Screenshot++ has you covered.

In the private folder, you’re able to do two things which make Screenshot++ stand out; one is the ability to tag screenshots – you name the tag and can create as many as you like. This is great when you’re dealing with a high volume of screenshots, say if you used them in a professional capacity, or just wanted to keep detailed records of something. The second feature is the ability to sync your screenshots with iCloud, if you fancy a bit of extra back-up or want to view them on another device. If your library could do with some Spring streamlining, get your hands on Screenshot++; it’s a nifty addition to your virtual management.

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Patrick Ryan
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