SelfieAlbum: I Just Don’t Know What To Do With My Selfie

Here’s a fun fact. The selfie stick, that shining beacon of modern life in the second decade of the twenty-first century, was actually already invented in 1995. By the Japanese (also known as ‘God’s Gift To The Universe’). It was unearthed recently in a book detailing a list of useless Japanese inventions. Granted, it was for use with the digital cameras of the time, featuring (I assume) a little trigger on the handle, and there was the inevitable result that the photo would contain the blurry black rod in its lower quarter. But still, who’s laughing now? The selfie is a phenomenon which is clearly bankable. Though I doubt the inventor of the original has much stake in the modern version, so probably not him. The latest addition to your selfie armory comes via the new iOS app SelfieAlbum, and aims to give you a complete database for all your vanity snaps.

I’ve never been much of a selfie taker, but it’s clear to see how SelfieAlbum could be a fine addition to any serious selfie connoisseur. Its main interface takes the form of a calender. Each day, you can take a selfie and store it to that particular date. Well, you can take as many selfies as you want – point is, they are fastened to a date, and when you open up the app, there they are laid out in front of you in an organised, chronological order.

If you take a lot of selfies, this app could be great to help keep track of them. You can import older photos from your library, which will help keep those photos streamlined (admit it, your good ol’ photo library’s in a real state). From the import you can assign to a specific date. That’s not all SelfieAlbum has to offer though; it also allows you to edit your photos with a frame or text (a la Snapchat) and then share them on social media from there, because, hey, let’s face it, you didn’t take a selfie to keep to yourself, did you?

There’s also a cool little feature that allows you to take a photo by snapping your fingers. Under rigorous testing, I also discovered you can achieve the same effect by clicking your tongue against your teeth, resulting in a ridiculous expression that you’d never want to share with anybody. All in all, SelfieAlbum is a really great app; there’s been a few of these photo streamlining apps around, and they’re great for keeping a burgeoning library in check. If you need a helping hand or want to expand your selfie range, check out SelfieAlbum.

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Patrick Ryan
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