Taichi Panda is now officially available on iOS and Android

Taichi Panda officially arrived on iOS and Android yesterday along with the Teumessian Update.

The star of this expansion is the new fourth class, Teumessa, the fox mage, a spellcaster and Taichi Panda’s first ranged class.

A raised level cap and new location, the city of Atlantis, should please those looking for more content – particularly as the new city contains three more chapters of story.

You can finally show off your skills visually, thanks to the new outfit system. Now costumes can be unlocked and equipped, changing your visual appearance and increasing your stats.

PvPers will be particularly pleased to find three new modes. Seabed Scramble is a domination-themed 3v3 battlefield, Decathlon is a 10-round, increasingly challenging arena in which prizes can be won, and Guild Wars finally allows guilds to compete against each other.

And, of course, there is more pets, gear, and in-game systems.

Taichi Panda is an action RPG in a similar vein go Diablo, featuring a visceral combat system, four playable character classes, PvP and cooperative modes, and 12 chapters of single player plot.

Soft launching back in January, Taichi Panda was officially launched yesterday on iOS and Android in most regions, along with the Teumessian Update.

It’s now available in the App Store and Google Play for free.

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