EnerPlex Packr Executive is an innovative high-end solar integrated backpack you will want – Review

When I saw the EnerPlex Packr Executive, I immediately thought it was another gimmick for charging your smartphones, tablets and other electronics while on the move. A gimmick it might well be, but this is certainly an innovative invention and will be a real godsend to those who use many electronics.

So what exactly is it? Well, it’s something you can use to charge up all of your electrical products – be they tablets, smartphones, laptops or digital cameras; and it can do so in less than three hours from flat to a fully charged device. It is an innovative solar-integrated rucksack or back pack and it’s perfect for executives as it actually looks smart and stylish too.

packr-1 packr-2

The solar panelling is actually moulded on the plastic and this is all seamlessly incorporated into the backpack. So walking through the streets of London or New York it will be unlikely that anyone will notice you are actually charging up all of your devices and electronics as you pound the streets.

The Packr Executive actually combines style with comfort and is very much environmentally friendly too. The flexible nature and durability of the solar panel means this backpack is the number one rucksack on the market. It is very much state-of-the-art and solar integrated and it’s damn useful too.

Today’s smartphones, tablets and electronics are rapidly developing and being made to work harder than ever. There are hundreds of apps that we all fall in love with and use on our devices but most drain energy from the overworked batteries and we find we are constantly having to get back to the office or home to stick the charger on.

It’s not always easy to go out at lunchtimes and leave our smartphones all alone plugged into the charging socket – so it’s good to know that now you can carry your devices safely around with you and charge them up at the same time.

The padded interior means your tablets or devices will be well looked after while on charge. There is also some back padding where you will find extra storage compartments (perhaps you could charge up your friend’s or work companion’s smartphone as you both shop around the town?)

There are even compartments to house things like business cards and pens. And don’t worry about comfort as the well-padded and adjustable straps will not hurt your back or shoulders. You can pick up the EnerPlex Packr Executive for only £79.99 it will also be available on Amazon soon.