Is Bitcoin The Future Of iPhone Gambling?

There’s a lot of things that the internet has improved; communication being the big one, enabling us to connect instantaneously with folks around us. But there are other areas too, niche areas (no, not those kinds of niche areas) for which the net has provided a better, faster system. One of those is gambling. Even before the dawn of the virtual age, gambling was big business; it ranks as one of the oldest and longest running industries in the world. That’s a pedigree that’s tough to shake, and even with its immense popularity, online gambling only accounts for about 8% of worldwide gambling.

Well, when I say ‘just’, that 8% is still worth ‘just’ $21 billion, and the projections are looking good for that percentage to increase over the coming years. In the niche of online gambling, however, we find another niche; bitcoin gambling. Now, bitcoin gambling only accounts for a small percentage of that 8% of online gambling; but that too, is growing. For those not in the know, bitcoin is an online peer-to-peer payment system invented by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto (who may or may not be an actual person) in 2008. Bitcoins are created as a reward for payment processing work in which users offer their computing power to verify and record payments into the public ledger.

So it makes sense that you might want to gamble with this stuff, right? After all, despite not having notes or coins in your hand, bitcoin is real money. And iPhone provides the perfect platform. You can gamble on the move, and it doesn’t feel like such a commitment to just spend a few bitcoins on a roll of the dice or two. There’s a whole host of these type of sites out there that allow you to enjoy Bitcoin gambling on your iPhone. These online casinos function just like their real-life counterparts; all the familiar games are present and correct.

The other great thing about bitcoins is, they’re extremely convenient. There’s no middleman to pay, no withdrawal or transaction fees, and the security surrounding them is pretty damn tight. It might surprise you to learn that they are also extremely valuable; by today’s exchange rate, one bitcoin is worth just under £170. So if you win, be assured, you win big. Bitcoin is not going away; in fact, it’s just getting more popular. With a number of online mobile sites weighing up the options and coming down in favour of jumping on the bitcoin bandwagon, now is the time to open up a wallet and try your hand at the tables!

Patrick Ryan
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