Football Apps – We Cut Through The Confusion to Bring You The Best

Do you have a need to know who is top of the Albanian first division at a moment’s notice, or who Kashima Antlers are playing in the next round of the J-League? If the answer is yes… then you are probably addicted to football and what you really need to fix your addiction, is a dedicated football app to satisfy your thirst for football knowledge.
The next problem on the list is that there are several hundreds – if not thousands – of sports apps out there for your iPhone, but are they all the same? If not, which are the best?

If there was one app to choose one footballing app to take with you on a desert island, it would likely be Soccerway. As the title suggests, this is dedicated only to association football but don’t let that fool you into thinking it is limited in any way, the scope of this app is vas! I know of no other app that covers so many of the world’s leagues (currently boasts over 1000).

In fact if you can find a football competition that it doesn’t cover, then let me know. Another real strength is that the app tells you of the day’s upcoming fixtures, from the latest English Premier League ties to the fixtures in Malta’s first division. It also features real time score updates, which are a real boon if you can’t watch a game on TV but just have to know the score. If you enjoy betting on the results then you will find Soccerway works great as a companion to a specialised betting app also. It is particularly appealing that you can easily access the latest league table for any of the league competitions and from there delve into player stats such a top scorers and form.

So what are you waiting for? Get on iTunes, get Soccerway to partner all your footballing needs and get in the know – you won’t regret it.