Urban Armor Gear Scout Folio iPhone 6-Plus Case

The Scout Folio iPhone 6-Plus Phone Case is specifically designed for the very latest Apple smartphone (yes, that’s the one with the 5.5 inch screen display) and has become our third hand in many people’s pockets.

However, there seems to be something extra to this phone protection case than appears to meet the eye: for starters this case is extremely light and weighs almost nothing. Its feather-light impact resistant core will give you the amazed feeling that such a lightweight case can protect so dynamically as the Scout Folio iPhone 6-Plus does.

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The protective phone casing comes available in many different shades and tones: there is the Outland colour, which is a type of orange and red shade, the Navigator, which is a type of beige or off-white shading; the Maverick which has a silver tone and then the Aero Case with its green hint.

The Scout Folio Phone Case also has a technology which is unique to this protective skin – a water resistant Frog Skin grip! Furthermore, you need not worry about using your iPhone-6 plus as you do on a daily basis as there is easy access to all ports and the touchscreen. So if you need to charge your phone, simply leave the phone case on throughout the charging cycle.

Even using other features on your iPhone 6, such as the camera and the sound system are very much unaffected. In fact, the phone case allows for glare-free flash photography and your music or soundtrack playback is totally uncompromised by having the Scout Folio case on.

One of the Scout Folio’s redeeming features has to be that it can comfortably hold up to three credit card-sized passes, so if you want to store your gym membership pass, a bus or coach flash card and a debit card then what better way to free up some much-needed space in your wallet.

The Scout Folio phone case is so tough and well protective of your iPhone 6-Plus that it actually meets military grade testing standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) so you know you are dealing with a case which can really give your phone the very best protection.

If you have invested a great deal of money into buying an iPhone 6-Plus, you will want to give your device the best possible protection – something that the Scout Folio iPhone 6-Plus Case can happily provide.

The Urban Armor Gear Folio for iPhone 6-plus retails at $39.95.