Route & Transit Planner – TripGo

If you are driving through the city, any city – you will want to find the most convenient, quickest and fastest route possible. You’ll want to avoid any potential delays caused road works, accidents and traffic jam hotspots, you will need to download TripGo, the route and traffic planning helper that will get you and your vehicle safely and speedily across the city in the fastest time possible.

But TripGo is not just an app for those driving across big cities in their cars – it is the ideal route planner for those going by bike, cycle, train, tram, underground tube or taxi too. In fact, splitting your journey and going part of the way by private car and then swapping over to a bike then taxi can often be the best route you ever take across some cities. TripGo tells you how.

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What you need to do is to program in the preferred options and TripGo will factor in the best way to get across the city. So which cities is the app designed for? There are 36 major cities across the United States where you can find the perfect journey across the metropolis whenever the need arises.

There are cities like Las Vegas in Nevada, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio in Texas, Salt Lake City in Utah, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco in California to name but a few of the cities loaded up on the app.

There are several overseas cities which TripGo also covers including seven big Australian cities and 10 in Canada, as well as major European hubs like London, Manchester, Toulouse, Lisbon, Rome and Turin and many more.

What the app can do is to connect public transport (bus, train, ferry, tram, and subway, metro and even funicular vehicles) with private and other transport options such as taxi, Uber, shuttle services, car routes and car sharing, motorbike, cycle routes, bike sharing and walking. If you synchronize this app with your calendar it will also give out real time alerts, reminders and timed planning movements of the buses or trains you should be catching.

Information is right up to date and public transport service alerts will let you know if there are any major delays going on. The GPS tracking feature lets the app know exactly where you are, so you can receive updated estimates as to what time your journey should progress and end.