Like Free Stuff, Try The Claim it App to Win a lot of Different Products – Review

Often we find that when someone gives something away for nothing, there has to be a catch. The app called Claim It gives away free stuff to some but there is no catch. Well, no catch providing you are over 17 and live in New York State.

Claim It is a brand new app which has started out in New York and no doubt will progress to other cities and town across America and possibly Europe too, once it has established itself. But for now, the free stuff you might win must be collected and redeemed within certain stores and outlets in New York State.


There is a truck which ventures out of state on occasion and if you can rendezvous with the truck, you can redeem your free gifts outside of the state of New York. The truck’s location will be broadcast on the app and the time in which you can redeem your free gift will also be announced within the app’s terms.

So what kind of gifts are being given away and what sort of chance do you have of winning such prizes? There are a number of low value prizes which you will have a near 100 per cent chance of winning, and a number of high value, much-wanted prizes that you will have a slim chance of getting.

Bottles of spring water, lunch vouchers and chocolate eggs seem to be among the low value prizes that just about anyone can easily win. Among the more valuable gifts include a pair of Jordan 6 training shoes, 20 beats headphones, tickets for big shows in town and PlayStation 4 consoles. But while these items may be difficult to win and only the lucky few seem to get the top prizes, you are at least shown what sort of a chance you have of getting such a great deal for free.

Take those training shoes, for example; we would have loved to have claimed a pair of these Jordan sneakers, so the attempt to claim it also showed you how many other claims there were from other users on the app. It also informed us of how many pairs of sneakers were actually available and a quick maths solution told us the chances we stood in getting lucky.

So if there are 10 pairs going for free and 100 people attempting to claim, your chance of this free deal is at 10 per cent. But ultimately, you have to be claiming it to win it.