PandaDoc, lets you send and sign all your documents straight from your iPad

This is an app which all businesses – particularly small enterprises – actually needs. PandaDoc helps you to create documents you can save, send and get signed off (by third parties). Best of all, you can send, save and track documents while on the go straight from your iPad.

All documents are secure and legally binding, so you can type, draw or upload signatures for documents such as legally-binding contracts, NDAs, employment agreements, business forms and legal documents of any kind.


You can assign fields to your documents, this allows for time stamps, IP addresses, signatures, dates and tick boxes to be added in the relevant places. Assigning recipients to be added to specific fields is easy and there is even space for you to add in a notes or comments section.

The documents are the perfect tool for business. All too often when the auditors come around and check the paperwork of small businesses, they will pull up companies for not having procedures written (or typed out) on formal, legal-binding and correct paperwork. PandaDoc gets around this issue by helping you to create the correct and proper documents to satisfy the needs of a business.

If you feel you will need further documents beyond the three issued for free when you download the app, then simply add a friend or contact to the app and you will get another three documents absolutely free. There are an unlimited amount of friends you can refer when gaining your free three documents, so refer 100 friends and bag yourself 300 documents, absolutely free.

Alternatively, more documents can be purchased by the bundle to be used anytime. The more you buy in your bundle the cheaper each document will be. Purchase a huge bundle and the price per document will come down to mere pennies.

PandaDoc will get you up and running within just seconds after download. Every business will need formal documents, even those you might have thought have no need to write anything down. But the most redeeming feature is that you can access all of your saved documents by accessing the clod based services.

That’s right, all documents and amendments made to that document are automatically save to the cloud. You can select which drive you want your documents saved to. There is a seamless integration with One Drive, Box, Google Drive, DropBox or any other leading cloud-based storage facility.