Sync.ME – Social Caller ID (for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+)

We have all received those phone calls from someone our contacts list fails to recognise; it’s annoying and most of us don’t pick up. However, we are left wondering for hours afterwards just who that caller might have been. Sync.ME is an app which will identify unknown calls.

The caller ID system doesn’t just stop there though. It will also add full screen photo ID to all of the people on your contact list. The app pulls the information from Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + accounts, so when the caller dials you, you will see their photo (from Google + image, Facebook profile or LinkedIn) filling up your entire screen. It will also appear on the phone screen if you call them.

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The main two features are the social caller ID (where your friends’ images appear on your phone as they call you) and the caller ID search – this is the most impressive feature really, as it identifies telephone numbers from anywhere across the world. Sync.ME actually tells you who it is that is calling you.

Another feature we liked about Synch.ME was the synchronisation of images from social media. Let’s say one of your Facebook friends (who happens to appear on your phone contacts) decides to change or update their image, once you synchronize the phone will take the latest update into consideration and feed you the image of your contact as it appears today on their Facebook page, LinkedIn or Google + account.

Birthday Reminders

Have you ever wanted to be reminded about up-coming birthdays of all the friends on your contact list? Well, Synch.ME can do this by sending you a reminder just a few days before the day, so you can go out and buy a gift or a birthday card, or simply give them a call to wish them birthday greetings.

Again, this information is sourced from the date of birth entered on the social media platforms like Google + and Facebook. This social caller ID app also has its own community online – this is where users can share tips and tricks and pose any questions or queries about the app.

There is a web page where you can find direct support, a Twitter feed and even a Facebook page, where users can swap tips and advice on how to get the best out of the app.

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